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Mobile app for controlling PTZOptics™ cameras

Now available on iOS, Android and Amazon Fire devices!

Amazing Control

Multitouch interface allows for smooth pan, tilt and zoom control of your camera

Smooth Preset Transitions

Store your own preset positions and transition smoothly between them

Multiple Cameras

Control up to eight cameras simultaneously with your iOS device
PanTiltZoom 1.1.0 released

PanTiltZoom 1.1.0 released

The latest version of PanTiltZoom is now available with some new features!  We have also squashed a few bugs with this release. Thank you so much for all of the excellent feedback and feature ideas! We’ll keep working hard to implement your suggestions.

Control up to 8 cameras

We have doubled the number of cameras that you can control.

Save up to 13 presets

We have optimized the layout to provide three more preset buttons so you can save more camera positions.

iPhone X Support

PanTiltZoom now uses the entire screen on the new iPhone X.

Improved Settings layout

The settings layout has been modified a bit to allow for the additional cameras.  On the iPhone, you no longer have to rotate to portrait orientation to use the Settings screen.

New option to specify the VISCA Address

Not all users have their cameras set to use the default VISCA address of “1”.  You can now adjust this setting for each camera.

Bug fix release available

Bug fix release available

Version 1.0.2 is now available.  This is a bug fix release with some control improvements.

  • Smoother gradual speed changes when manually controlling the camera
  • Fixed crashes some users were experiencing after long periods of inactivity