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If you are having trouble connecting PanTiltZoom to your camera, there are a few key things you can check.

IP Address

Do you know the IP Address of your camera? A great first step is to see if you can get to the web interface of your camera from the browser of your iOS or Android device. In the browser, go to http://<your camera ip address>

For example, here is the web interface for a PTZOptics camera with an IP Address of

Camera web interface
Web interface for PTZOptics camera with IP Address

If this works, you are well on your way to getting connected. If you are unable to get to the web interface of your camera, we need to diagnose that problem. A common issue is that the IP Address of your camera is on a different subnet than your iOS or Android device and the two cannot communicate. Typically the first three numbers of the IP Addresses should match between your camera and your control device.

DeviceIP Address
iOS or Android Device192.168.1.100
Camera with compatible IP Address192.168.1.152
Camera with an incompatible IP Address192.168.0.152

Port and Protocol

Once you have confirmed your IP Address is set to a compatible range and you are able to reach the web interface, evaluate the port and protocol in your settings. Refer to your camera’s documentation for the correct settings for VISCA Over IP commands, or visit the¬†Supported Cameras¬†documentation to see a list of known configurations based on customer feedback.

To view your settings, you can press and hold on the camera button you want to edit, or click on the Settings icon with that camera selected.

VISCA Address

Many cameras will ignore this address or default to 1. Some cameras require a specific address. Refer to your camera documentation. To edit your VISCA Address:

1. Select the camera you wish to edit
2. Click the Settings icon
3. The VISCA Address can be changed at the bottom of the Connection Info tab

iOS Specific Issues

If everything is configured as outlined above and PanTiltZoom still cannot connect with your camera, check to make sure that access to Local Network.

iPad (iPadOS)

Go to Settings > Privacy & Security > Local Network. Find PanTiltZoom on the list and make sure it is enabled.

iPhone (iOS)

Go to Settings and scroll down until you find PanTiltZoom. Clicking PanTiltZoom will show the following dialog. Make sure Local Network is enabled.